The links below offer information on activities, programs, associations and regulations, all of which pertain to living and recreating on lakes in Maine.
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40 things to do This is a list of memory-making activities that are low cost or no cost and suitable for people of any age. 
Boating Handbook This excellent online book explains how to be safe in a watercraft and describes the rules a boat operator must follow.  
Extension Programs This site has a ton of links to other sites offering explanations of how our activities affect the lake's water quality and also has practical suggestions on ways to minimize adverse effects.  
Forest Trees of Maine This excellent book is now available online and free. 
Ice-out date history  
Lake monitoring Maine's Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program is the primary source of current data on Maine's lakes. NLWP donates to this group annually. 
Lakes of Maine All kinds of information, mostly environmental, about our lake and all the other lakes in Maine  
Local weather Click here to see what the weather is like at Nickerson Lake 
Loon protection  
Maine Lakes Society Maine Lakes Society helps protect our lakes by monitoring and advocating at the Maine legislature on matters pertaining to Maine lakes. NLWP donates to this group annually. 
Maine Tree Foundation Maine Tree Foundation 
Meduxnekeag River Assn.  
Northern Woodlands The Center for Northern Woodlands Education is about forest stewardship in the Northeast and understanding the natural wonders, economic productivity and ecological integrity of the region’s forests. They also have a wonderful quarterly magazine that is worth subscribing to. 
Permit forms Information on fire and construction permits issued by the towns of New Limerick and Linneus 
Saving the Family Cottage This book, written by two lawyers and available through your AmazonSmile account, tells how to handle ownership among family members/ 
Septic system notes These septic system notes were prepared by Bill Hersey (207.498.2108), a site evaluator from Washburn who has spoken at previous meetings of NLWP. He describes how to prevent problems and prolong the life of your septic system. 
U of M field guide Here is a really interesting place to find information on the parts of nature, from squishy to sharp, that you encounter around the lake. 
UofM Wildlife Ecology  
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