Conservation Fund

Nickerson Lake Conservation Fund, established in 2007 and with by-laws adopted in 2012 and amended in 2015, creates a means by which environmentally conscious property owners and others can donate to the conservation and improvement of the water quality of Nickerson Lake.  

Memorial gifts are a thoughtful legacy to those who enjoyed and valued the lake.
Some examples of ways the fund might be used:  educating property owners on ways to prevent soil erosion, building communal or individual septic systems to prevent discharges to the lake, correcting existing stormwater drainage problems, matching funds for grants from agencies to improve water quality, funding real estate purchases by NLWP within the Nickerson Lake watershed

Distribution of the fund could be made as low interest loans, outright grants, or incentive grants.

As of 12/30/19, the fund balance was about $95,000 and growing.

Donations can be made in the form of one-time gifts of cash, appreciated stock or property, endowments or bequests.  

Thank you very much to all those who have donated! 

If you have an interest in donating, please contact any of the three Directors or click here: How to Donate

Click here for our Mission Statement.