NLWP President Nancy Putnam has announced the EIGHTH annual Nickerson Lake Ice-Out Contest!!!

So, here is your shot at fame and glory!  Does your rope swing dismount look shockingly uncoordinated? Does your perfectly browned marshmallow always fall into the campfire? When you go for a quick swim, do concerned family members toss you a life preserver? 
    Now is the time to put all that behind you and become a CHAMPION!  

ertified as



Mastery of

Prognostication on


Out at

Nickerson Lake

Paul Porter designed the high tech apparatus shown above that will determine the time of ice-out with split second accuracy.  See his schematic drawing here.  He and Al Cowperthwaite built the device which sets a new standard for ice-out detection equipment.  Here, Paul explains some of the more technical details of the Porter 2000X Ice-out-ometer to Jerry Hammond who maintains the equipment.

To help in this year's prediction, refer to this record of ice-out dates since 1949 supplied by Al Putnam. The Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has compiled information on state-wide ice out dates and similar information is on this page, provided by Lake Stewards of Maine. The US Geological Survey has issued this paper on the New England ice-out date trend.

The winner and runners-up will be published on this website as soon as ice-out occurs.  The winner's prize is everything contained in a treasure chest (on display at James H. McPartland & Sons) and a framed certificate honoring their achievement.  

This year, the treasure chest contents are truly spectacular: rope! flashlight! cups! jar opener! sailboat decoration! fly dope! travel pack! Houlton Farms Dairy t-shirt! and much more!

Noon on April 1st is the DEADLINE for entries.  Last year, 100 people from Brooklyn to New Limerick and from Santa Barbara to Dubai, all with a connection to Nickerson Lake, entered to win the fabulous prizes and bragging rights.  


If you would like to see how your prediction compares to others, click this progress report.