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Conservation Fund helps

Southern Aroostook Soil and Water Conservation District (SASWCD) has some great news for property owners on Nickerson Lake!

You may be aware of the many erosion prevention projects that were completed under Phase 1 of the EPA Section 319 grant awarded to Nickerson Lake Wilderness Preservation, Inc. (NLWP) and which SASWCD is administering.  Phase 1 provided 60% of project costs with the other 40% coming from property owners in the form of cash, labor or materials.  Examples of projects were runoff diversion ditches, rip rap along the shoreline and buffer plantings.

Phase 2 of the same grant is now underway and NLWP, through its Nickerson Lake Conservation Fund (NLCF), has offered to help.  NLWP will contribute the property owner’s 40% cost share, meaning that for the projects that do the most to protect the lake’s water quality, there will be no cost to the owner.

We invite you to submit a request for funding to Angie by June 1st.

NLWP has created a committee to evaluate the requests and to be guided by two criteria:

1.  If the original 2010 watershed survey listed a high priority erosion problem on a property, requests from those owners will have priority over others.  A separate letter is being sent to those property owners.

2.  Priority will given to those projects which show the most potential to benefit the lake's water quality.

There is the possibility of doing several projects at no charge to the property owners.  Funding is limited, so there may be worthwhile projects that do not get funded during this phase of the grant.  Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection staff will review all projects to ensure they fall within Section 319 guidelines.  Selection of projects should be completed by mid summer.  NLWP will not award funds for any projects on property owned by directors of either NLWP or NLCF.

Here is a copy of Angie's letter to everyone on the lake.

If you know of improvements to your property that would reduce storm water runoff into the lake, please contact Angie Wotton at SASWCD.  The result will be a cleaner lake and an increase in your property value, at no cost to you!